General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, we may have to deviate from the services we normally provide. This may vary from country to country, region to region, and farm to farm.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all offers, reservations and agreements with respect to the renting of all accommodation, which is rented by Teranga Lodges, located in Kraainem or its affiliated companies ('Teranga Lodges'). In these general conditions, the term 'renter' is understood to mean: the person who makes an agreement with Teranga Lodges with regard to the rent/use of accommodation. The term 'user' (hereafter also called guest) is understood to mean: the tenant and the by the tenant specified persons who (will) use the by the tenant rented accommodation.

1. Bookings

Teranga Lodges only accepts bookings from persons of 18 years and older. Teranga Lodges reserves the right to refuse a booking at all times, without having to state a reason. Teranga Lodges will confirm and invoice your booking by e-mail within 1 working day after receipt. The confirmation, also invoice, must be checked for correctness immediately after receipt. Possible or alleged inaccuracies must always be communicated by telephone or e-mail within 10 days after the date of the confirmation/invoice and in any case before the start of the stay. Are you not in the possession of a written confirmation, also invoice, within 1 working day after the booking, then you need to contact Teranga Lodges. If Teranga Lodges, due to circumstances, needs to make a change in a booked reservation concerning the location or the type and/or location of the accommodation, Teranga Lodges can offer you a suitable alternative. Bookings made before 1 September with an arrival date in the next calendar year can be cancelled by Teranga Lodges before 31 August when, due to new developments since the date of booking, there is a reason to do so. Teranga Lodges will offer you alternative locations for the chosen date or will refund your full deposit.

2. Bookings of groups

Special conditions may be imposed, for example with regard to supervision, while the purpose and size of the group may in certain cases lead to a group not being accepted.

3. Price

The prices in the brochure and on are not binding, Teranga Lodges reserves the right to change these prices. Teranga Lodges reserves the right to refuse bookings when these are made under obviously incorrect sales prices. When booking you will be informed of the then current price. The price mentioned on the confirmation/invoice is binding. Price reductions and/or special offers can no longer be used after the confirmation/invoice has been sent by Teranga Lodges. All prices are, where applicable, including VAT, unless otherwise stated. Teranga Lodges has the right to implement and settle price increases as a result of interim adjustments to legal regulations c.q. provisions (including, but not limited to VAT, tourist tax, insurance tax) on which Teranga Lodges has no influence.

4. Accommodation rental

The rental price of each lodge includes:

  • Rental of lodge
  • Use of and access to Teranga Lodges grounds
  • Water
  • Wood for heating in the lodge (1 crate per day, wood for campfire not included.)
  • VAT
  • Bed linen
  • Kitchen linen
  • Final cleaning

Not included include:

  • Electricity is not included at Teranga Lodges, there is no electricity and there are no electrical outlets in the accommodations. In some locations it is possible to charge your equipment in the farm shop or communal showers.
  • Doing the dishes
  • Picking up the beds and linen
  • Putting the garbage in a garbage bag and putting it in a container
  • Tourist taxes and fees

5. Tourist tax and charges

The prices for the lodge rental are exclusive of tourist tax and fees. The amount depends on the municipality where the farm is located. To determine the number of persons per booking period, the maximum number of persons staying at least one night in the lodge applies.

The tourist tax must be paid on arrival.

6. Pets

Bringing your pet is allowed on some farms, see the information on the relevant location, where bringing your pet is allowed, a maximum of 2 pets per lodge applies. Pets must be registered upon booking and arrival at the farm.

7. Payment

Bookings must be paid in two instalments. The deposit must be made within 48 hours after the date of the invoice. The remainder of the booking amount must be in the possession of Teranga Lodges at the latest 10 weeks before the start of your stay. When booking within 10 weeks before the start of the stay, the entire booking amount must be paid at once. At not timely or incomplete payment of the invoiced amounts you are in default. Teranga Lodges will send you a reminder to pay. When the amount is not yet in the possession of Teranga Lodges within 14 days after the date of the reminder, Teranga Lodges is entitled to dissolve the agreement unilaterally by means of a letter to the guest. You are liable for all damages suffered by Teranga Lodges as a result of this, including all costs incurred by Teranga Lodges in connection with your booking and the dissolution. In any case you will owe a dissolution fee of 30% of the booking amount when dissolving more than 10 weeks before the planned start date of the stay and equal to the total booking amount when dissolving within 10 weeks before the start of the stay. Any monies already paid will be offset against the cancellation fee payable and any compensation for other losses. If nothing has been paid yet, the above-mentioned amounts will be charged. All payment methods via are free of charge.

8. Amendment fees

In principle changes within 4 weeks before arrival are not allowed. Changes can only be made by the main booker. If you, after the realisation of the booking, wish to make changes to the booking, Teranga Lodges is not obliged to comply with this. It is at the free choice of Teranga Lodges if, and to what extent, these changes are accepted. For every change, up to a maximum of 4 weeks before arrival, in an already made booking we will charge you €57,00 for changes (the costs for changing extras are €13,00). These fees are not charged if you make an additional booking or change to a more expensive period. In case of a change to a cheaper period or a (partial) cancellation within a period of 4 weeks before the start of the stay, you will owe the full booking amount. Changes to the booking if, after the conclusion of the booking of more than one lodge, you wish to reduce the number of booked lodges, the cancellation provisions under point 11 apply.

9. In-the-place position

It is the tenant and other users are not allowed the accommodation under any name or for any reason whatsoever to others than the in the agreement named persons to use, unless Teranga Lodges has agreed. If you have agreed with Teranga Lodges that one or more users will be replaced, you remain severally liable to Teranga Lodges in addition to the hirer and / or users who replace you and / or other users for the payment of the outstanding portion of the rent, the modification costs and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and any cancellation fees.

10. Cancellations

The following provisions apply:

  • a. On cancellation more than 10 weeks before the start of the stay, 30% of the rent with a minimum of € 160.00 is due.
  • b. For cancellation within 10 weeks before the start of the stay, the full rent.
  • c. At a premature termination of the stay, the full booking amount is due.

At Teranga Lodges there is no legal reflection period of 14 days.

11. Arrival and departure

Procedure prior to arrival:

After paying the full invoice amount, you can print out the entrance ticket/ voucher on your Personal Page. The voucher must be shown on arrival at the farm.

Arrival procedure:

Upon arrival all guests are required to show identification at check-in. If guests cannot show any identification, the farmer(s) may decide not to accommodate the guests. At arrival at the farm you have to show your entrance permit. You may enter the lodge from 3pm hours onwards. If you arrive after 21.00 hours, the farmer(s) will receive a compensation and you will be charged €30,-. After checking in, you are responsible for making yourself familiar with the safety instructions indicated.

Departure procedure:

On the day of departure you have to leave the lodge before 10.30* hours, this in connection with the cleaning of the lodge. If this is not the case, the farmer(s) may also charge €30,- extra per hour of delay.

*Exception: unless you have made use of the product "Late check-out on Sunday". In that case, you must leave the accommodation before 3pm.

If during your stay something is not to your liking, please always contact the farmer(s) first and after your stay our call centre, so we can come to an appropriate solution. Complaints must always be submitted in writing via our email address by the main booker. See also under point 14 in these terms and conditions.

12. Internal Regulations

In order to make the stay at the farm as pleasant as possible for all guests, all guests have to stick to the established (behaviour) rules laid down in the Internal Regulations. You can ask the farmer for the Internal Rules upon arrival. If you wish, the Internal Regulations can be sent to you on request. Violation of the Rules and Regulations may result in removal from the farm, without refund of the rent or any part thereof. If the accommodation will not be left clean at departure, the farmer(s) may charge €50,- for cleaning costs. Teranga Lodges reserves the right to make changes in the set-up and opening hours of the facilities and amenities on the farm. If the farmer (in) has serious suspicions that the tenant of an accommodation is acting in violation of the law and / or public order and / or morality, or has left the accommodation prematurely, he / she is authorized to access the accommodation. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible that during your stay, maintenance work will be carried out on the grounds or at the accommodation(s), without you being entitled to any compensation.

13. Internet usage

In principle Teranga Lodges does not offer the possibility to use electricity or internet. On some farms this is (limited) offered, whether or not at a rate. The renter and those who accompany him are responsible for the correct use of this. Teranga Lodges is not liable for damages as a result of the use of internet/the electricity network or as a result of malfunctions in the network.

14. Extra crockery and general conditions owner

The further extra services, such as for example the cleaning and repair of the accommodation, catering facilities, bicycle rental, etc., which you enjoy during your stay, are provided by persons, companies and other organisations who are totally independent of Teranga Lodges, for which we only act as an agent and do not accept any liability. The owners and any third parties provide services in line with their own terms and conditions. Some of those conditions may limit or exclude the liability of the owner or service provider to you. The terms and conditions are available from the supplier on request.

15. Force majeure

In the case that Teranga Lodges, due to force majeure, is not able to execute the agreement completely or partially, Teranga Lodges can, within 14 days after having been informed of the impossibility to comply with the agreement, present a change proposal (for other accommodation/different period etc.). The suspension of the honouring of obligations by Teranga Lodges is permitted in case of force majeure or in case circumstances beyond the control of Teranga Lodges arise. Teranga Lodges will in case of force majeure not be held to compensation of any damage or costs, or restitution of the rent. Force majeure on the side of Teranga Lodges exists when the execution of the agreement is wholly or partially, whether or not temporarily impeded by circumstances beyond the control of Teranga Lodges, including war risk, personnel strikes, blockades, fire, floods, government measures, epidemics, quarantines and other failures or events.

16. Liability

The use of the accommodation of Teranga Lodges and the facilities on the farm are at own risk of the renter and users.

Teranga Lodges and the concerning farm do not accept liability for:

  • theft, loss or damage, of which nature also, during or as a result of a stay on one of our affiliated farms;
  • the becoming inoperative or disabling of technical equipment and the failing or closing down of facilities on the farm.
  • With regard to Covid-19 it applies more specifically that everyone bears his own responsibility in this and that any consequences that Covid-19 may have for the tenant/user or the booking are for his own account.

The tenant and those who accompany him or her, are severally liable for all loss and/or damage which will arise for Teranga Lodges, the farm concerned and/or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of their stay, regardless of whether this was caused by acts or omissions of themselves or of third parties who are on the farm by their actions, as well as of all damage caused by any animal and/or matter which is in their possession. The tenant safeguards Teranga Lodges for all claims of third parties concerning damage which is the result of any act or omission of the tenant, other users, their travel companions or third parties who are on the park with your permission. By not correct use or not correctly left behind additional (cleaning) costs will be charged.

17. Complaints

Despite all the care taken by Teranga Lodges and the member farms, it can happen that you have a justified complaint. This complaint should be taken up locally and directly with the farmer, in order to give us the opportunity to solve it immediately.

If the complaint is not satisfactorily dealt with, then the main booker has up to 1 month after departure from the farm to submit the complaint in writing to Teranga Lodges via our email address

18. Day visitors

It is in principle allowed that you receive visitors during your stay at Teranga Lodges. This visit must report to the farm. For a visit, € 4.00 p.p.p.d. is charged by the farm concerned.

19. General

Your contracting party is Teranga Lodges sprl. These conditions are part of the agreement between Teranga Lodges and the hirer and replace possible previous general conditions that might have been declared applicable. Teranga Lodges rejects all general conditions to which the hirer refers or which are used by the hirer. Agreements that deviate from these general conditions are only valid when agreed upon in writing. On the contents of our publications are changes reserved. Apparent misprints do not bind us. Teranga Lodges will send her correspondence digitally, unless this proves impossible.

20. Privacy & Cookies

We have certain conditions regarding privacy and cookies. You can read our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement on the website.

21. Legal Information

Belgian law shall apply to agreements concluded, modified or supplemented on the basis of these general terms and conditions. Disputes regarding these agreements can only be submitted to the court in Brussels.

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